July 30, 2019

TCR Tool News

A new version of the Temporary Capacity Restriction (TCR) tool was released in late June 2019. The most important areas of improvement were the Graphical User Interface (GUI), with the aim to increase the user friendliness of the tool, and the filtering functionality. The map view now provides a better overview of TCRs and also allows to search for specific TCRs. In addition, several smaller improvements were included in the newly released version: IMs are now being involved in an international coordination process (not only for border sections), locations can be selected from the map, and there is a new date and time functionality. The tool is now available to all registered users for testing.

TCR Pilot

The new TCR tool was presented in Karlsruhe and Duisburg as the basis for a new pilot project that was lanched in beginning of July 2019 on RFC1. All IMs on RFC1 agreed to import their TCRs into the TCR tool and test the functionalities of the TCR tool.

The main goals of this pilot project are:

  • to evaluate whether the new TCR tool effectively supports international TCR coordination and publication
  • to gain further experience in working with the tool

The pilot will run until the end of October 2019.

Additionally, the IMs on RFC 5 will test the TCR tool with the same goals, and RFCs 3 and 7 have announced that they would like carry out tests as well.