March 4, 2020

Sales & Timetabling Working Group Approves Timetable Calendar for 2021

Every year the Infrastructure Managers and Allocation Bodies within RNE’s network coordinate the timetabling milestones and deadlines in order to harmonise the international timetabling processes and preparatory works in Europe. The main milestones to consider are for instance the path request deadline, the draft offer deadline, the final offer deadline and start of the ad-hoc request phase.

For each yearly timetable, the RNE Sales & Timetabling Working Group, after consulting the Railway Undertakings (Railway Undertakings Advisory Group for Timetabling), agree on an international timetabling calendar. In addition, annual timetable adjustments and editorial deadlines are coordinated. At its meeting in Vienna on 19 February 2020, the RNE Sales & Timetabling Working Group adopted the calendar for timetable entering into force in December 2021, including all preparatory works conducted during 2021. The working group also agreed on timetable adjustments and the associated editorial deadlines for 2022.

All published calendars (for 2020 and 2021) are available for download on our website.