August 23, 2019

Rolling Planning in Production

Rolling Planning being one of the new and innovative elements of the international timetable redesign (TTR), an important step was the provision of a tool that would enable the booking of Rolling Planning capacity.

We are pleased that the Rotterdam – Antwerp TTR pilot selected the Path Coordination System (PCS) as the booking tool for Rolling Planning capacity and the PCS team has risen to this new challenge and ensured the needed functionalities. Since the release in April, Rolling Planning has been available in PCS as a new process type for a single timetable period. In line with the applicable request deadline, Rolling Planning has become available in production in August 2019.

The C-OSS Manager of RFC North Sea – Mediterranean has already uploaded special, dedicated and safeguarded capacity for the Rolling Planning requests. Users can easily distinguish between RP capacities and the other capacity products, as they are marked with a ‘RP’ in their PaP ID.Customers who participate in the pilot can select Rolling Planning as a process type for the dossiers. The selection of the capacity products works the same as it does for the PaPs. The only thing that each customer needs to keep in mind is the request deadline of the Rolling Planning dossiers. According to the TTR process description, a Rolling Planning request can be made at the earliest four months and at the latest one month before the first day of the train run. According to this rule, a window of 120 – 30 days has been implemented for the requests in PCS and the system only lets the customer submit a path request if the deadlines are respected.

As always the PCS Support ( is at disposal for any questions or problems that might arise during the testing of this new process type and approach.