August 5, 2022

RNE To Coordinate Task In Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking’s ‘System Pillar’

RNE will coordinate one of the tasks in the System Pillar of Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking which will shape the architecture of the future EU railway system. 

Specifically, RNE is part of a consortium, which has won a tender by Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking, and thus will provide necessary resources and sector input to ensure the System Pillar achieves its objectives set to contribute to a major transformation of the European rail system. 

As RNE is well-recognised for its competence in the areas of traffic management and capacity management, we have been asked to act as coordinator within the consortium for Task Three of Lot Two, which is dedicated to these topics. In the upcoming years, RNE experts will, together with colleagues from the Infrastructure Managers (IMs), Railway Undertakings (Rus) and the rail industry, provide technical support and expertise to support the priorities set by Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking.  

More information can be found in the press release of Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking: Europes-Rail-Joint-Undertaking-awards-three-grants-under-its-Call-for-Tenders-2022.pdf (