May 30, 2022

RNE Participates in Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking System Pillar

RNE was recently invited to participate in Europe’s Rail ‘Joint Undertaking System Pillar Consortium’ as Member and their ‘System Pillar Steering Group’ as an Observer. Following the positive vote by our Members, we are happy to accept this invitation and pleased to start contributing in this arena.

The objective of Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail JU) is to deliver a ‘high capacity’ integrated European railway network by eliminating barriers to interoperability and providing solutions for full integration. This approach is very much aligned with RNE’s efforts in all its business areas.

EU-Rail JU is the largest European railway research and innovation programme to date. It represents a partnership between the European commission, the industry and the rail sector to accelerate research and development, and was set up in 2021 under the ‘Horizon Europe’ programme (2020-2027) as the successor of Shift2Rail.

Europe’s Rail Joint undertaking focusses on two pillars: a ‘System Pillar’ that will deliver the TO BE architecture of the rail systems and standards, and an ‘Innovation Pillar’ that stimulates the development of innovative solutions.

As stated above, RNE will contribute within the System Pillar. RNE’s involvement will guarantee that the RNE vision is aligned with EU ambitions, in particular making sure that the RNE projects/tools are in line with the EU vision. It will also enable us to support our Members in aligning their strategy with the EU Rail initiative.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact RNE:

Harald Reisinger,

Patrick Konix,