August 1, 2017

RNE is hiring

To meet challenges imposed by coordinating and harmonising international rail traffic management RNE is currently looking for new Staff.

RNE is looking for a Traffic Management Manager responsible for TM-related projects like ETA and Communincation/Language and ensuring efficient and transparent communication to the Managing Board and external stakeholders. Further responsibilities include among others the development  of international traffic management processes and support in the field of TAP/TAF TSI activities.

Along with the ongoing work on implementing measures for a better harmonisation of the international timetabling process, RNE (in cooperation with FTE and the support of ERFA) has started the project ‘Redesign of the international timetabling process’ (TTR).  RNE therefore is hiring a Senior Timetable IT Manager who shall manage the Timetable IT activities and help developing an IT infrastructure that is able to accommodate a Europe-wide harmonised timetabling process.

All open positions can be found here.