May 20, 2020

RNE General Assembly approves the suggested TTR Migration Concept

At its meeting on 20 May 2020, the RNE General Assembly approved the TTR Migration Concept, an updated approach to the programme of European scale meant to accelerate the ongoing TTR implementation.

Based on the repeatedly expressed demand by market stakeholders (Railway Undertakings as well as organisations representing them) RNE together with Forum Train Europe (FTE) and a multitude of Infrastructure Managers (IMs) will endeavour to adopt these requirements. The main aim of the initiative is to close the competitive gap towards road in the modal split as soon as possible.

While the goal of full implementation of all TTR components by all IMs’/ABs’  by timetable 2025 remains, some IMs/ABs facing especially high demand to optimise capacity will focus on realising important components of TTR early. Among other priorities, this will relate specifically to short-term path requests,including requests less then 30 days before train run.

The revised alignment of TTR will have a very strong focus on digitalisation at both the level of central systems and, even more importantly, national level. The needed investments will require substantial funding from European sources.

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