July 24, 2019

RNE General Assembly 29 May 2019, Warsaw – Election of RNE Managing Board

At the RNE General Assembly meeting held on 29 May 2019 in Warsaw, a new RNE Managing Board was elected for a period of two years. Mr Mikael Eriksson (Trafikverket), who had been a member of the MB since May 2017, chose not to continue for the new period. In his place, the MB was joined by a new member, Mr Stefano Castro (RFI).

The following set-up is now in place, with each Vice-President in charge of a specific business area:

 RNE President

Harald Hotz (ÖBB-Infrastruktur)

RNE Vice-Presidents

Ann Billiau (Infrabel): IT

Stefano Castro (RFI): Train Performance Management

Mirosław Kanclerz (PKP PLK): Network Statement and Corridor Information Document

Paul Mazataud (SNCF Réseau): Traffic Management

Guus de Mol (ProRail): Sales and Timetabling

Péter Rónai (MÁV): Legal Matters

Bettina Wunsch-Semmler (DB Netz): Corridor Management and External Relations