December 13, 2018

RNE GA approves the next step in the TTR implementation

2018 has seen an enormous progress in the ongoing work of the ‘Redesign of the international timetabling process’ programme (TTR):

  • Start of three pilot lines, on which innovative elements are being tested
  • ÖBB INFRA’s agreement to launch a network pilot
  • Several IMs starting to test further elements

In addition, increased maturity of the definition of framework conditions (IT, legal framework and commercial conditions) and the ongoing addition of details in the complete process description, has made TTR ready to enter the next phase.

With a vast majority, the RNE General Assembly has approved the project “TTR Implementation”. Its main goal is to roll out TTR over the whole of Europe by the end of 2024. In the first step, IMs will be asked to launch national TTR projects. RNE and FTE are preparing a roadshow for the second quarter of 2019, to approach IMs’ and RUs’ Managing Boards to promote their individual involvement.

With the instalment of national TTR managers within these companies, national activities are expected to start in summer 2019.

During Rail Freight Day 2018, the topic was highlighted as one of the sector’s most important developments in making railways more competitive, and the agreement to the TTR Implementation by the RNE General Assembly was received as a very positive signal.

More information on TTR can be found at: