November 21, 2017

RFC User Satisfaction Survey

Overall 2017 results are now published

Article 19 (3) of Regulation 913/2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight requires the Management Boards of the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) to conduct a satisfaction survey among the users of their respective RFCs and to publish the results once a year.

RailNetEurope (RNE) was mandated by the RFCs (1-8) with the coordination of the survey for the fourth consecutive year and commissioned a professional, independent, Vienna-based market research company, marketmind, to conduct the fieldwork in September-October 2017. This year the questionnaire was improved to be more efficient, and the number of questions was reduced considerably upon customers’ request.

In agreement with the RFCs, the overall results have now been published on the RNE website. A summary presentation of the overall results can be  downloaded here. For the RFC-specific results, please refer to the RFCs directly or check their websites.