July 6, 2017


The TTR project team has now started working on the TTR Implementation Programme

The RNE General Assembly on 4 May 2017, and the FTE Plenary Assembly on 1 June 2017, voted with a large majority in favour of starting the implementation of the TTR project results! Following this important statement put forth by the Sector the TTR Project Team has now started working on the TTR Implementation Programme, in the course of which several projects will be carried out in order to gradually roll out the redesigned process.

In order to assess the results of TTR, several pilots will be launched, starting in December 2017. Based on the nominations by the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs), the pilot lines will be:

  • from Antwerp to Rotterdam
  • from Munich to Verona and
  • from Mannheim to the Spanish border (exact point to be defined)

The experience gained through the pilots will contribute to fine-tune the capacity model and the capacity partitioning, which will be based on the last timetable. Furthermore, it will take into account the experience and forecasts of IMs, RUs and Applicants. In the next step, all path requests will be handled according to the redesigned process, and in a third phase (during timetable period 2020), further requests will be possible, based on the ‘Rolling Planning’ concept. It is of great importance to involve all stakeholders of these pilot lines participating in the timetabling process in the execution of the pilots.