April 22, 2022

Recording and Slides of Digital Train 1.0 Webinar Now Available

On 20 April, The European Commission and RNE jointly hosted a virtual closing event of the EU-funded project known as ‘Digital Train 1.0’. Speakers from the consortium presented the results of the action and what was achieved over the past two years. The aim of the project was to address and solve concrete operational interoperability obstacles included in the Technical Operational Issues Logbook.

Keir Fitch (Head of Unit, DG MOVE) and Harald Reisinger (Chief Information Officer, RNE) served as moderators of this webinar addressing questions that put the customer in the centre such as

  • What are the benefits of exchanging Train Composition Information and Train Running Information in the Train Information System (TIS)?
  • How can terminals (and other stakeholders) get access to train running information and ETAs?
  • How accurate and reliable are ETAs?

Answers to these and other questions to the audience of about 100 participants were provided by Nektarios Zacharias (Head of TIS, RNE), Jürgen Hiller (Technical Expert, DB Cargo), Aldo Croci (Director of Information Technology, Hupac Group), Ad Toet, (Project Manager, UIRR) and Peter Šišolák (Head of Traffic Management & Train Performance Management, RNE). Unfortunately, the results of the feasibility study on Railway Collaborative Decision Making, which was also part of this funding activity, could not be presented as the speaker was not available.

Polling questions answered by the participants of this event confirmed that the activities and the results are indeed welcomed by the market.

The meeting was concluded with an outlook on the ongoing funding action ‘Digital Train 2.0’, which will run until the end of 2022 and further develop the results of this first funding call.

If you missed the webinar or want to revisit some of the presentations, please find below the recording, presentation slides and polling results:


Presentation Combined Train Composition and Running Information in TIS

Presentation Initiating Data Sharing with Terminals

Presentation Processing and Improving ETA Information

Presentation Feasibility Study Railway Collaborative Decision Making

Polling Results