October 30, 2020

Rail Facilities Portal: Increasing Number of Service Facilities and First Meeting of Permanent Governance Board

On 1 October 2020, the first meeting of the permanent Governance Board of the Rail Facilities Portal took place, co-chaired by RNE and UIRR, with the participation of the European Commission and various umbrella organisations representing stakeholders of the sector such as ALLRAIL, CEFIC, CER, EIM, ERA, ERFA, IRG-Rail, UIC, UNIFE and UIPRAIL. This structure allows for balanced decision-making regarding the future strategy and developments of the Portal with the major goal of making the Portal a common European business tool for information on rail service facilities.

The Governance Board welcomed the recent significant increase of the usage of the Portal. Most importantly, the number of participating service facilities has now grown to over 8,000. A comparison to previous periods and further usage statistics can be found in this presentation.

RNE and UIRR, who have been managing the Portal jointly since June this year, are eager to further increase its usage and quality.