June 3, 2022

Rail Facilities Portal Growing at Top Speed!

Major developments are taking place within the  European Rail Facilities Portal (RFP). Since RailNetEurope took over the portal in June 2020, the number of service facilities in the portal has grown to over 18.900.

By introducing the new interface with the German Infrastructure Manager DB Netz, we were able to include over 1.800 service Facilities at once. Such big steps are possible also with other Infrastructure Managers through a so-called APN interface.

Therefore, we are inviting other countries and Service Facilities to join in and take advantage of this opportunity for very easy access.

Rail Facilities Portal Features:

  • Reaching a very broad European audience
  • Easy upload of data
  • Easy access for users
  • A visual display of service facilities in Europe on a scalable and searchable map
  • Fulfilment of European Regulations regarding the obligation to publish data on service facilities
  • And last but not least: this all comes absolutely free of charge for interested service facilities and users, as this platform is funded by the European Union!

So why wait? – Join us in this excellent opportunity to bring your business to the next level.

More information on the dedicated website: https://rfp.rne.eu/