March 27, 2020

Path Request Deadline Will Not Be Shifted

The current extraordinary circumstances due to the measures taken to face the outbreak of the coronavirus in Europe have led to discussions regarding a possible shift of the path request deadline for annual timetable 2021. However, in its video conference meeting on 25 March 2020, the RNE Sales & Timetabling High Level Group came to the agreement that the international path request deadline for timetable 2021 will not be shifted.

Nevertheless, there are some national particularities and potential problems in the path elaboration phase, which must be tackled with individual solutions and additional effort by all involved Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and Allocation Bodies (ABs).

While this means that the international path request deadline, set for 14 April 2020, will be kept, different national circumstances due to different impacts of the current situation might require specific solutions, with all IMs and ABs doing their best to find individual counter measures with the help of RNE.

With this agreement we take into consideration the need for a harmonised approach while still respecting the difficult situation for some IMs in regards to this extraordinary situation. We would like to thank all who provided their helpful feedback on such short notice and all IMs and ABs who made this urgent decision possible.