May 5, 2020

Overview of Processing Ad Hoc Requests for Individual Train Paths

Upon request by the former Railway Undertakings’ Advisory Group for Timetabling (now the Capacity Management Advisory Group), the RNE Sales & Timetabling Working Group has prepared an overview for processing ad hoc requests for individual train paths on the networks of RNE’s Members. The overview has been validated for timetable 2020 on 19 February 2020 and contains the following information:

  • the latest deadline to request an individual path from timetabling departments
  • the latest deadline to requests an individual path from the traffic management departments or dispatchers
  • standard time frame for responses
  • tools to request an individual path ad hoc
  • whether the IM/AB uses announced timetable updates or not

The overview can be downloaded from the downloads area of the Sales & Timetabling section on the RNE website: