June 15, 2021

Over 15.000 Service Facilities Available Now in the Rail Facilities Portal

During the last 6 months, the number of service facilities in the RFP has increased significantly by nearly 50% and is now over 15.000.

In addition, improvements have recently been made to the search functionality, allowing for a more efficient way of finding service facilities; and among other features, remembering your frequently used service facilities, thus enabling a quicker search for the next time you are searching for the same service facilities of your interest. Various further developments are planned until the end of this year, including many improvements making the use of this platform increasingly user-friendly for the customers.

Finally, we would like to invite all transport and logistics service providers to use the RFP in the planning of their routes and services:

Also, if you are a service facility operator, take this opportunity to advertise your services, and for this purpose, please contact us via contact@railfacilitiesportal.eu.

For more information on the Rail Facilities Portal, please watch the below video: