November 18, 2021


On the occasion of the PRIME RU Dialogue on 18 November 2021, a new TTR image video has been launched. RailNetEurope (RNE) and Forum Train Europe (FTE) jointly produced this video to increase awareness of the European programme “TTR for Smart Capacity Management”.


To allow for a significant modal shift to rail as postulated by the European Green Deal, it is important to put the rail infrastructure to its best possible use. Therefore, an improved capacity management process supported by Digital Capacity Management (DCM) is needed. “With this video, we would like to explain TTR and its contribution to the Green Deal and highlight benefits for Infrastructure Managers and Passenger and Freight RUs”, states TTR Programme Leader Philipp Koiser. His colleague Sebastian Naundorf from FTE adds: “To raise awareness amongst as many stakeholders as possible across the 20 national TTR implementation projects and beyond, we are working on translations of this video in the near future.”