March 12, 2020

New Project: Handling TCRs in the TT Process

On 18 February 2020, in a joint workshop of the S&TT and TCR Working Groups, a new RNE project was launched to address the handling of temporary capacity restrictions (TCRs) in the timetabling process. The main goal of this new project is to define a new process for integrating TCRs into the capacity model, thus ensuring the successful implementation of the Timetable Redesign (TTR) .

40 representatives of RNE’s S&TT and TCR WGs attended the workshop and, after having been introduced to the project in a plenary session, were divided into sub-groups to elaborate on the topic. The main issues connected to the impact of TCRs on the capacity model as well as experiences and best practices were provided as a basis to discuss the fundamental principles for the new process.

At the end of the meeting the results of these sub-group sessions were presented as a common framework for the definition of the new process.

The next steps of the project will include the presentation of a first process proposal to the S&TT High Level Group, final discussion rounds with all involved WGs, and ultimately the approval of the new process and implementation plan by the RNE General Assembly in December 2020.