June 13, 2022

New Milestone Reached in RNE Data Quality Strategy Implementation

RNE operates a unique European Train Information System (TIS) where a significant proportion of European train timetables and running information is presented. This data is also stored for further reporting. To increase the quality of the information provided, an ongoing process of data quality improvement has been put in place. This process is based on the RNE data quality strategy for reporting, approved in 2020.

Following the strategical goals, in May 2022 a big step was made in furthering RNE’s role of reliable and respected provider of international reports and European train running data. RNE Members’ experts prepared the Handbook on the Management of Data Quality for Train Performance Analysis, which was subsequently approved by the General Assembly. Its full implementation has been scheduled for January 2023.

The new handbook supplements the already in force data quality key documents such as the RNE guidelines on Basic Requirements on TIS Data for Reporting Purposes and the TIS Declaration. This newly approved third document represents the methodical package of the RNE data quality strategy concept.

The first kick-off meeting of the Data Quality Expert Group is planned for 21 June 2022 and all preparation works to ensure smooth and full implementation are already ongoing.