December 19, 2019

New Data Sharing Principle in TIS

In order to improve the operational efficiency of the logistics chain, the sector committed, in the Sector Statement on Rail Freight Corridors in 2016 (‘Boosting International Rail Freight’) to make real-time information available for all stakeholders involved in the same train run. This will enable the optimisation of the use of resources such as rolling stock and terminal capacity, and provide freight forwarders and shippers with up-to-date information about the status of their freight and an estimated time of arrival.

The same principle of data sharing was included in the draft revision of the TAF TSI Regulation 1305/2014, which was agreed between the sector and ERA. Based on these developments and as the revised TAF TSI Regulation is scheduled for adoption at the end of 2020, the TAF TSI Steering Committee and ERA proposed an earlier implementation of the new data sharing principle. Accordingly, RNE is planning to introduce the new general principle of message exchange by default in the upcoming version of the Train Information System (TIS) scheduled for deployment mid-December 2019.

In short, the new principle included in the TAF TSI is the following: ‘Every stakeholder may exchange the messages (Path Detail, Train Run, ETA, …) with all other stakeholders involved in the same freight service, under the condition that he is identifiable.’

The RNE TIS will support both versions of the TAF TSI messages exchange in parallel, using the new principle as the default setting. In case of disagreement on Railway Undertaking (RU) side, the data sharing can still be set back to the principle of mutual consent until the changed TAF TSI Regulation enters into force.