August 6, 2020

New and Redeveloped CIS Now Live

We are pleased to announce that after a full technical redevelopment, the new version of the Charging Information System (CIS) has now gone live. Seeing that the vast majority of the system’s users are the customers of our Members, the redevelopment of the system was considered a very worthwhile effort.

The new CIS provides a more forward-looking application and improved user experience for the query users, and easier maintenance of data for the Infrastructure Mangers’ CIS data managers. Due to a newly established connection to the RNE Big Data, which stores infrastructure data for all RNE IT systems in one single source,  the routing information has improved as well. In addition, the data quality management process, and thus the quality of data, has also been enhanced to provide charge estimates which more closely match the invoiced prices.

We are looking forward to having you as a regular user of the new CIS and hope you will have an excellent user experience.

If you have any questions regarding CIS, please contact us on