May 10, 2017

Network Statement News

Updated Network Statement Common Structure and renamed working group.

Updated Network Statement Common Structure

On 4 May 2017, the RNE General Assembly adopted major amendments to the RNE Network Statement Common Structure. Apart from the regular annual updates, some common texts, which had been developed by a dedicated task force, were also approved, the aim being to further facilitate the production of Network Statements for the Members of RNE and to also, to make the documents more user-friendly for Applicants. The updated guidelines will be applicable from timetable year 2019 onwards.

You can download the updated version here.

Renaming of working group

Since most of the topics that the RNE Network Statement Working Group and Corridor Information Document Subgroup deal with are relevant for Infrastructure Managers (IMs), Allocation Bodies (ABs) and Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) alike, and require substantial, joint work, their meetings have already been merged in the Network Statement and Corridor Information Document domains since 2016. In order to express that the work carried out by the IMs, ABs and the RFCs of this working group and subgroup is equal as regards importance and workload, the working group was renamed ‘RNE Network Statement and Corridor Information Document Working Group (RNE NS and CID WG)’ in the above-mentioned RNE General Assembly.