February 15, 2020

Major Review of RNE Network Statement Common Structure

On 4 December 2019, the RNE General Assembly approved a new Common Structure for Network Statements, which will be applicable from timetable 2022 onwards.

It allows for a more efficient organisation of the information provided, also in order to better accommodate the business – including customer – and the legal – including the regulatory – needs. Some of the major improvements are a dedicated section for topics related to ‘Operations’, another one for ‘Service Facilities’ and the merging of the sections ‘Services’ and ‘Charges’ into one section.

Another significant addition is the first chapter ever related to TTR (Redesign of the International Timetabling Process), which will provide information about the steps taken by the IMs during timetable 2022 for the planned implementation of TTR by timetable 2025.

As far as the needs of the RUs are concerned, they have been addressed via some of their umbrella organisations. This approach also satisfies the wish of the RUs expressed in the Rail Freight Forward ‘30 by 2030’ position paper concerning their involvement in the redesigning of Network Statements.

The new Network Statement Common Structure accompanied by an Implementation Guide can be found here.