April 5, 2019

TTR IT Landscape Drafted

The TTR IT Landscape Analysis document was developed in RNE and FTE cooperation and contains three major parts:

  • Analysis of As-Is situation
  • To-Be landscape
  • Migration from As-Is to To-Be status

Analysis of As-Is situation shows the processes that exist on the national level and that are covered by national systems. To-Be landscape describes the functionalities and modules of the future IT landscape.  It is defined modularly and consists three layers: RU, IM and common layer. The main goal of the TTR IT project is digitalisation of the processes and reduction of manual data entry using TAF/TAP TSI framework for information exchange. The migration part of the analysis describes the way from As-Is to To-Be status.

The document was finalised at the end of October 2018 and was confirmed by TTR IT WG in November 2018, as the first step of assessment of the document.

After the RNE GA in December, the document and a structured questionnaire, to collect the responses from members, were sent to all RNE and FTE members. They are asked to do the complete feasibility check (impact analysis) of the document. They were asked to compare the document with their national plans and pay special attention to the following questions:

  • If the described modules can be included in the company’s implementation plan?
  • If the described modules can be implemented according to the defined timeline (If not – when can they be implemented)?
  • If there are any mistakes in the document and described modules?
  • If there are any modules missing?
  • What is the cost estimation for the different modules?
  • Which modules have to be described in more detail?

The obtained results will be presented and discussed in the TTR IT core team meeting and confirmed in the RNE GA meeting in May and FTE PA meeting in June 2019.

In February 2019, a TTR IT information event will take place in Vienna at which all participants will get some new information but also, at the Q&A slot, they will have a possibility to ask the question to clarify the parts that are not clear enough.

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