July 14, 2022

Important Updates on the Key Performance Indicators of Rail Freight Corridors: What’s New

During RNE’s General Assembly, held the 31st of May 2022,  an important update to the RNE Guidelines on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) was approved. With this, an essential enabler for the introduction of following new commonly applicable RFC KPIS was provided:

Under KPIs for Capacity Management:
  • Ratio of pre-booked capacity (PaPs)
Under KPIs for Operations:
  • Train kilometers of trains crossing a border along the RFC
  • Dwell times in border sections – planned dwell
  • Dwell times in border sections – real dwell
Under KPIs for Market Development:
  • Train kilometers of trains per border

While the figures on the ratio of pre-booked capacity can be calculated and published at very short notice, publication of the remaining new KPIs is expected to feature a stepwise process progressing hand in hand with the deliverables of RNE’s Data Quality Project. Figures on the dwell times in border sections and the volume of train kilometers are therefore expected to become available gradually on a border-by-border and corridor-by-corridor basis until a full compliance with the new KPIs is reached.

The latest set of available KPI figures can be found HERE.