December 11, 2020

Follow-Up Rail Freight Day 2020

The Rail Freight Day 2020 took place as an online event on 10 December 2020. The day’s agenda is available here.

More than 280 participants joined the event co-organised by the European Commission and RailNetEurope. We would like to thank all contributors, participants and organisers. Please find below the presentation slides and video recordings covering the entire event. As some very active discussions also took place in the meeting chat, we are linking below also a collection of screenshots of all comments, as requested by many participants, as well as the polling results.

Opening of Rail Freight Day & Welcome

Session 1: The Unfulfilled Need for Capacity of Good Quantity and Quality

As the participants have shown great interest in the TTR Programme, we would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the new TTR Brochure and dedicated TTR Website.

Session 2: Delivering Capacity and Efficiency – The Role of Digital Solutions

Opening Afternoon Session

Session 3: Delivering High-Quality Transport Services to Freight Customers


Additional Materials