August 2, 2022

First Data Quality Roadshow Meeting at Železnice SR

Achieving the best possible data quality in the Train Information System (TIS) continues to be one of the major goals RNE and its Members are striving for. To promote commitment to data quality, members of the RNE Train Performance Management team, Peter Šišolák and Ivana Tomekova, met in July with Železnice SR high level representatives to present the RNE data quality strategy and exchange on how sufficient priority to data quality can be given within the company.

The TIS Declaration commitment and the two handbooks on data quality were discussed.

RNE‘s representatives highlighted the importance and benefits of the required TIS data quality.  Železnice SR’s  Deputy CEO for Operation, Milan Kubíček, stated that relevant importance must be given to data quality and believes that the discussed goals can be reached. Traffic Management Department Director, Ivan Wlachovský, confirmed that appropriate measures will be taken to introduce the necessary procedures according to the handbooks and the TIS declaration. A Data Quality High-level Representative was designated to discuss the achievements and goals on half-yearly basis.

We would like to warmly thank Železnice SR for hosting this fruitful meeting and look forward to our continued collaboration in bringing our commonly agreed data quality strategy to success.

Similar meetings can be organised for any interested RNE Member.

(To arrange a meeting, please contact Peter Šišolák at