July 29, 2021

European Standard contract of use of infrastructure available on RNE website

Improving business relations between Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings by harmonising contractual documents has been a long-standing objective of RNE.
Over the past two years, RNE and CIT have worked on a proposal for a “European Standard contract of use of the infrastructure” (E-SCU-I), which was endorsed by both organisations in May 2021.
Similar to the “European General Terms and Conditions” (E-GTC-I) previously negotiated by RNE and CIT, the E-SCU-I, which is composed of a common structure and wording proposals, constitutes a toolbox for the design of contracts of use, representing a standard of best practices. It shall support Railway Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers in designing their contractual relations in an increasingly harmonised way without being binding.
A separate “implementation guide” explains the nature and proposed content of the E-SCU-I in more detail and provides guidance on how to use the document.
The E-SCU-I and the accompanying implementation guide are available at https://rne.eu/legal-matters/harmonisation-of-contractual-framework/