August 16, 2022

Common Document and Project Plan for Commercial Conditions Approved

Harmonised Commercial Conditions will be an essential part of the Timetable Redesign for Smart Capacity Management (TTR), encouraging capacity-friendly behaviour by applying incentives for IMs and Applicants in the allocation process. For several years, RNE and FTE have been cooperating to identify a suitable set of Commercial Conditions to achieve the necessary steering effect. At the RNE General Assembly (31 May 2022) and the FTE Plenary Assembly (9 June 2022), both organisations agreed on providing a document describing their common views to the currently ongoing Impact Assessment of the European Commission.

In addition, the RNE General Assembly has approved a work package plan to provide specific proposals for Commercial Conditions by the end of 2023. In it, RU feedback is considered and a dialogue with RUs is foreseen to create not only effective but also balanced Commercial Conditions based on facts and figures. As a first step, aligned, harmonised lead times for cancellations will be created to simplify processes in Europe and allow for better handling by applicants. This first work package is anticipated to provide results already by the end of 2022.