July 5, 2022

Capacity Strategies for Timetable 2025 published

Today we are happy to announce that one of the first major milestones of TTR implementation has been achieved: the Capacity Strategies for timetable 2025 have been published on 30 June 2022!

This milestone marks a first finish line in the implementation of coordinated medium-term infrastructure planning at European level, laying the foundation for advance planning in TTR.

This achievement sets the stage for subsequent steps in TTR implementation as it is a precondition for the elaboration of Capacity Models, which are already being prepared for Timetable 2025.

Besides their national strategies, particular focus has been brought to a common Capacity Strategy document elaborated by Infrabel, ProRail, ACF, DB Netz AG, SBB Infrastruktur AG, BLS Netz AG, ÖBB Infrastruktur AG and RFI S.p.A. In this common document, the abovementioned Infrastructure Managers are emphasising the international character of TTR end products pushed beyond borders to the benefit of consistency, coherence, and customer-friendliness.

The links to all published Capacity Strategies are available HERE.