April 2, 2020


One of the railway sector’s objectives is the reduction of language barriers within the European railway network. The aim is to provide train drivers with a Language Tool to facilitate successful communication in international traffic.

The provision of a Language Tool would be one of several steps the railway sector is taking in order to move forward into a more interoperable Europe, reducing costs and increasing seamless cross-border traffic. Beyond this, keeping the safety at least at today’s level is one of the necessary conditions.

The project is supported by Shift2Rail Innovation Programme where RNE and UIC have joined forces for the development of the sector Language Tool in a joint project Translate4Rail (H2020-S2RJU-OC-2019) .

The development of the Language Tool prototype, scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2020, would be followed by laboratory tests and finally a field test, with subsequent adaptation of the tool according to the test findings. The implementation of the Language Tool prototype shall be carried out in three specific phases, as follows.

  • Development       05/2020 – 08/2020
  • Laboratory test  09/2020 – 02/2021
  • Field test          03/2021 – 09/2021

Therefore, RNE is issuing this call for offers to commission a supplier for the development, implementation and testing of a prototype. Any entity or person is welcome to submit an offer.

All tender documents can be downloaded below:

If you are interested, please send your offer to Mr Juraj Maliaček (juraj.maliacek@rne.eu) and to Ms Sandra Gehenot (GEHENOT@uic.org) by 17 April 2020, 23:59.

After the first round of evaluations, with the first part done via teleconference, scheduled for 20-22 April 2020, the selected candidates will be invited for the second round to present their offers via video conference calls. The second round is scheduled for 28 April 2020.

Note: Please be informed that this RNE tender does not fall under Austrian public procurement law.