August 11, 2022

Call For Feedback on Advanced Concept Language Tool Questionnaire

The railway sector under its Language Programme led by RNE is currently defining steps to develop a language (translation) tool to help remove language barriers.

Our aim is to develop a Language Tool prototype, (description available in the documents below), that will enable train drivers and traffic controllers to communicate in the international traffic setting and allow traffic to flow more smoothly in international operation.

The current developments in artificial intelligence and IT offer new opportunities for the whole railway sector. Therefore, we would be interested to receive feedback from potential suppliers on the prepared documents , which will help us define all necessary requirements more precisely.

We would like to draw attention to the so-called Advanced Concept of the Language Tool, which can be described as a language tool without any additional hardware on the side of a traffic controller (Infrastructure Manager), as well as a train driver (Railway Undertaking). The equipment and technologies currently used in operational communication can be considered as part of the future language tool development phase.

A document describing the Advanced Concept, as well as questionnaires to help us gain an overview of the possibilities, are available as follows:

We would like to ask IT companies and GSM-R providers for their feedback on the requirements defined for the Advanced Concept Language Tool, as well as feedback on the cost estimation to develop the tool prototype, if possible. The following timeline has been defined for the LT (Advanced Concept) development:

  • Feedback of ITCs and GSM-R providers on Questionnaires 08/2022 – 09/2022
  • Discussion on open topics 09/2022 – 10/2022
  • LP WG (RNE level) to be informed about results 10/2022

Feedback, as well as questions, are very welcome and highly appreciated. Please get in touch with us by 30th September 2022 at:

*The content of this document describing one of the language tool concepts and its annexes, in the form of questionnaires, does not represent the process of procurement and development of the language tool. Any feedback on the questionnaires does not create any legal and/or commercial right, entitlement or advantage for the respondent or a legal obligation for RNE in future language tool development. To participate in the future language tool development, it will be necessary to meet the conditions of the procurement procedure, which will be announced to the sector´s needs.