July 24, 2020

Article on RNE’s Vision for Harmonising the Contractual Framework Published in OTIF Bulletin

Following the participation of RNE’s Vice-President Péter Rónai at the Symposium “20th Anniversary of the Vilnius Protocol: OTIF’s Achievements and Prospects”, an article outlining RNE’s vision for harmonising contractual relations between Infrastructure Managers and their customers has recently been published in a special edition of the OTIF Bulletin dedicated to this event. The special edition of the Bulletin, which also contains contributions of other renowned speakers, is accessible at https://otif.org/fileadmin/new/5-Media/5B-Bulletin/2020/Bulletin_Symposium_EN.pdf

At the same time, RNE is pursuing its efforts to progress towards a common approach for the design of contractual relations with customers. More information on the dedicated project is available at https://rne.eu/legal-matters/harmonisation-of-contractual-framework/.