December 12, 2017

Amended KPI Guidelines

On 6 December 2017, the RNE General Assembly approved an amended version of the Guidelines on KPIs of RFCs.   These guidelines provide recommendations for using a set of KPIs commonly applicable to all RFCs.


A former set of commonly applicable KPIs on RFCs has been provided by previous version of the Guidelines since December 2015. The further development of commonly applicable KPIs was triggered by the Rotterdam Sector Statement signed in 2016 by the railway infrastructure managers. One of the priority projects defined on the basis of this document was to monitor the quality of freight services with implemented and shared KPIs. To answer this requirement, the sector developed certain proposals out of which those which were deemed as feasible and agreed upon, have been added to the list of commonly applicable KPIs.

Furthermore, the RNE/RFC KPI Expert Group prepared a proposal on how to make its work more efficient by using potential synergies and to avoid duplication of efforts with other groups. It was also proposed to rename the group to RNE/RFC KPI Coordination Group, which reflects its tasks and role appropriately. Both of these proposals became part of the newly approved version of Guidelines on KPIs of RFCs.