January 30, 2020

Amended Guidelines for KPIs of RFCs

In order to further streamline the set of the commonly applicable RFC KPIs, some amendments have been made, which were approved by the RNE General Assembly in its last meeting on 4 December 2019. This time, no new KPIs have been added and the contents of the existing KPIs have not been changed either, in order to assure continuity and comparability of KPIs over the years.

Nevertheless, the names of a few KPIs have been changed in order to bring more clarity as to what they actually stand for, thereby to avoid potential misinterpretation of the figures of these KPIs.

The following names were changed:

  • ‘Commercial speed of PaPs’ to ‘Average planned speed of PaPs’
  • ‘Number of train runs’ to ‘Overall number of trains on the RFC’
  • ‘Traffic Volume’ to ‘Overall number of trains per border’

The amended guidelines can be downloaded here.

Additionally, RNE and the RFCs have developed a handbook to facilitate the technical implementation of harmonised data collection, calculation and publication methods for the figures of the commonly applicable RFC KPIs over all RFCs. The figures are continuously being enhanced in a timely manner and published on the RNE website (see above link). It will be further facilitated from now on by applying common publication deadlines, which can be found in Annex 1 of the guidelines.