Legal Matters General Information

Legal Matters General Information

The RNE Legal Matters experts provide legal expertise on a broad range of topics relating to the association’s organisation, procedures and projects of different business areas. This includes in particular

  • drafting and review of internal documents, such as the Association’s Statutes
  • design of contractual relations with users of RNE’s IT tools, suppliers, etc.
  • legal assessment of documents produced by other RNE working groups (e.g. Network Statement, Traffic Management, Sales & Timetabling).

In addition, RNE Legal Matters experts work on dedicated projects, which currently include the following:

A working group of legal experts from RNE’s Members (‘RNE Legal Matters Working Group’) maintains a regular exchange on these topics; in addition, task forces prepare the project deliverables.

The Legal Matters Working Group also serves as a forum for RNE Members’ legal experts to discuss specific legal questions of interest to their companies (e.g. interpretation and application of EU law in different countries).

The RNE JO legal team complements these activities on a day-to-day basis by providing support and guidance on internal procedures (e.g. procurement, arbitration, compliance with data protection requirements).