Sales & Timetabling General Information

Sales & Timetabling General Information

A key element for facilitating access to the European rail network is a harmonised timetabling process for international train path requests. It is RNE’s role to continuously improve and further develop this process. Harmonised procedures and deadlines that are valid for all Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and Allocation Bodies (AB) within the RNE network benefit the entire rail industry.

RNE’s S&TT approach

RNE’s members provide processes by agreeing on process steps and timelines, which can be found in various guidelines and which cover the timetabling process from the planning of capacity to its allocation. In various groups and boards measures to improve this process are specified. The Path Coordination System (PCS) covers all of these process steps as the only common international tool for path requests and allocation.

Specific requests on a national basis can be placed with the OSS-Network representatives. For further information our PCS and S&TT Team can be contacted:

Philipp Koiser

Sales & Timetabling Manager
Phone : +43 1 907 62 72 15

Lukas Miglinas

Timetable IT Manager
Phone :+43 664 884 248 09

Sebastián Čarek

Timetabling & Project Manager
Phone : +43 (0)676 9713 179

Máté Bak

PCS Technical Manager & IT Service Desk Manager
Phone :+43 1 907 62 72 24

Anna Géczi

PCS Application Manager
Phone :+43 (0) 1 907 62 72 817

Aurelio Di Paola

TTR & TCR Manager
Phone : +43 (0) 664 88 42 48 07