Other Activities

Other Activities

In order to achieve the ambitious goal of providing a harmonised timetabling process, RNE is carrying out several projects and provides expert input for other endeavours of the sector. Here are some of the highlights:

Projects and activities with Rail Freight Corridors

RNE has provided an improved definition of the Pre-arranged Paths and a new process description. Currently, RNE, together with the Rail Freight Corridors, is working to create a new, innovative and market-oriented solution for requesting short-term capacities.

Annex VII

Based on an initiative by the European Commission, a recast of Annex VII of Directive 2012/34 has been triggered. RNE and FTE via CER and EIM have given technical input to the European Commission to include results from the TTR project in the elaboration of the Directive’s recast.

‘TT Quality’ task force

After having detected several weak points in the quality of path offers, RNE reacted by creating a high level task force consisting of RNE and RFC representatives in order to determine measures for improving the quality of path offers. This ‘TT Quality’ task force has already specified a wide range of measures, which will be implemented over time to increase the quality of path offers at European level.

Memorandum of Understanding for Planning International Rail Freight

Originally an RU initiative, RNE has given input to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Planning International Rail Freight – formerly known as the Code of Conduct. This document is an attempt to raise awareness for the importance of international path management. RNE contributed to this RU initiative by providing technical input and thus creating a balance between RU, IM, AB and RFC perspectives.