Rfc Regulation

RFC Regulation

Within the framework of the EU Regulation concerning a ‘European rail network for competitive freight’, it is one of the LM WG´s main tasks to act as legal adviser to the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs). In 2011 a very fruitful process of giving legal input to the Corridor Organisations started.

Thus the LM WG is the focal point for answering RFC queries about legal issues and, more generally, questions regarding the Rail Freight Regulation. For instance, the legal character of the Corridor Information Document (CID) and the role of the Corridor One-Stop Shop (C-OSS), as well as all the RNE guidelines on corridor-related issues, have been assessed.

As all RNE lawyers who are active in this field are members of the LM WG, group meetings are an excellent opportunity to find common denominators of RNE Members and to share experiences.

In addition, several projects relevant to RFCs have been led by the group:

The latter deals with European Union funding of corridor implementation measures taken by RNE Members and constitutes a solid basis for the contractual relation between RNE as Coordinator and the Members as Co-Beneficiaries.