EGTC-I and standard contracts

EGTC-l (European General Terms and Conditions for the use of infrastructure) is a joint project of RailNetEurope (RNE) and the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT). The standardised terms and conditions of use of railway infrastructure stipulate the general legal, administrative, technical and financial contractual conditions of use for Railway Undertakings (RUs) using an Infrastructure Managers (IMs) railway infrastructure, without prejudice to any additional or specific terms agreed on by the parties concerned.

The LM WG has also developed two contract templates in 2004-2009:

An update of these templates is currently being discussed by RNE and its members, following some suggestions made by the CIT.

Furthermore standardised terms and conditions are also developed on a Rail Freight Corridor level. Following the RFC 3 Management Board decision to have a ‘single contract of use’ pilot project on RFC 3, an ad-hoc Legal Expert Group has taken up work. The Group consists of RNE LM WG members, specifically the IMs operating RFC 3. As a first step, national contracts will be compared in order to use any common denominators found as a basis for the development of a new draft for RFC 3.